outsourced collection* services

We offer analytics-driven and machine-learning supported debt recovery as a fully outsourced service to banks, specialist consumer lenders and debt investors as well as utilities and telecommunication service providers.

We aim to minimise the operational burden for our clients by offering a fully outsourced, scalable and easy to employ solution. While we strive to improve recovery results for our clients, we are committed to treat debtors fairly and ensure full compliance. We place paramount importance on data security.



We offer strategic support based on our analytical capabilities.  We categorise accounts for different recovery tracks and establish communication strategies that work best with our client’s resources.

We help clients maximise amicable settlements with debtors by pursuing individualised recovery strategies and minimise accounts going to coercive recovery tracks.

* Some of the services referred to herein are regulated in the UK and the EU. Provision of such services require appropriate licenses to be obtained from regulating bodies. Ceverine is in the process of applying for its FCA license in the UK and other licenses will be considered on an as-required basis as we expand our operations. Ceverine is committed to providing all services in full compliance of the underlying regulation.  


  • Analytics driven recovery strategies to utilise resources more efficiently and effectively.

  • Customised communication and self-service resolutions to keep debtors engaged.

  • Machine-learning ensures that results improve every time.

  • Digital focus to keep costs to a minimum.


  • Focus on digital channels and emphasis on amicable resolution.

  • Sustainable cost structure for clients.

  • Scalable automated strategies.

  • Compliance-proof digital ecosystem. 

  • No reliance on cyclical elements.

  • Customised solutions for customers.

  • Technology used for the benefit of clients and debtors.  


  • Dignified and transparent process for the customers.

  • Machine learning applied to better understand customers and to provide customised solutions.

  • Removing diallers and pressure from the equation.

  • Maximising amicable resolutions.