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Smarter, effective debt management

We are not product oriented but solution oriented. We provide comprehensive collection and recovery services using our core technology platform as well as other complimentary technologies and platforms. 


Automated digital outbound communication and quick-action micro-sites supporting clients’ existing collection operations and communication channels. 


Substantial outbound and inbound contact centre capacity relief 

Scalable and capable of absorbing large account volumes

Behavioural datasets unlocked

Considerate and socially responsible treatment of customers

Digital Debt Resolution as a Service

End-to-end digital debt collection and recovery service for late-stage overdue accounts, including non-performing debt through our automated digital platform.  


Higher brand royalty

Better customer engagement and lower costs

Acceleration in digital transformation of CRM

Considerate and socially responsible treatment of customers

Consultancy Services

Proprietary robotics architecture with ML analytics to be implemented in your network with partner software or software you choose to install an effective digital collection system that can deliver. 


Comprehensive automation  in collections and recoveries

Multiple technology partners 

Transformation, automation and implementation experience

Considerate and socially responsible treatment of customers

(*) Some of the services referred to herein are regulated in the UK and the EU. Provision of such services require appropriate licenses to be obtained from regulating bodies. Ceverine is in the process of applying for its FCA license in the UK and other licenses will be considered on an as-required basis as we expand our operations. Ceverine is committed to providing all services in full compliance of the underlying regulation.

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Banks, credit card companies, mortgage providers.

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