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Collection and Recovery Solutions for Consumer Credit

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Key Requirements

  • Solution provider with customised approach

  • Enablement of ‘digital first’ objectives

  • Seamless and comprehensive customer journeys

  • Operational scalability, security and resilience

  • Customer centric approach (e.g. determining cases better suited to debt advice)

  • Balanced focus between front-end and back-end activities, including debt prevention 

  • Regulatory alignment:

    • Ensuring compliance with FCA Consumer Duty in all stages of the product cycle

    • Aligning with FCA vulnerability guidance

  • Improved reporting from suppliers to strengthen risk management with additional layers of data governance and MI

  • Access to specialist resources (e.g. financial assessment, income maximisation, debt advice)

Our Approach

  • Data analytics to refine treatment paths and priority strategies

  • Focus on relief solutions for unique situations (i.e. sensitive customers, low balance debt) 

  • Flexibility through layered service offering

  • ‘Digital first’ first-party approach with exception management, hand-offs to lower customer engagement and collections costs

  • Seamless switch to third-party (i.e. escalation to DCA)

  • Comprehensive digital-first and omni-channel third-party delivery

  • Intelligent assessment of customers' financial capacity and customer-centric use for resolution

  • Consistent digital and live identification and treatment of vulnerabilities

  • Tailored dashboards and MI reporting aligned to key metrics 

  • Flexible API framework 

Consistent Digital-first Omni-channel Capabilities


((1) Being implemented. 


Integrated Vulnerability Approach


Meaningful Analytics and Tracked KPIs

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Flexibility through Layered Service Offering

  • Tailored solutions according to client needs

  • Scope to white-label subsets of services

  • Ability to serve different industries, customers and requirements

  • Flexibility to operate in different parts of the collection process

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A Unique Service Proposition


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