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Frequently Asked Questions

Have you been impacted by a condition or event that's causing you difficulty with your account? We may be able to help you with it. But first, please log in so that our solution is tailored to you.

  • Why should I engage with you?
    We respect our customers' privacy and contact them through non-intrusive channels. It is easy to ignore our communication but please don't. This isn't in your best interest. Debt doesn't just go away and you may find yourself in a worse situation if you don't respond to our communication. If you're struggling and let us know, we may be able to help. If you're in a position to pay off your debt, we made it as easy as we can. Just login to our portal and see what we can do for you.
  • How do I register to access my account online?
    You don’t need to register for an account. All you need to do is log into our portal with your basic details. You will need the following information: Surname (if this has changed, the surname the debt was taken out in). The last four digits of your reference number - this can be found on recent correspondence we have sent to you. Your date of birth.
  • I can’t find my reference number. How can I find it?
    Your reference number is the six-digit number that you can find on any email or text we sent to you.
  • I want to arrange to pay my account, but I have no idea what I can afford.
    Don't worry! We can help you work out an affordable repayment plan that will suit your individual circumstances. When you log into our portal, you can use our budget calculator to work out how much you can afford to pay today or in instalments. You will be able to choose a suitable plan and sign up online. In any case, you don't have to pay anything you cannot afford.
  • How can I pay?
    Ceverine has a range of payment methods available including direct debit, direct bank pay, debit and credit card. You can also use our budget calculator and set up a payment plan. You will be asked to select a payment method as you go through the payment plan set up process.
  • My debt was paid already. What should I do?
    No problem. We can sort this out very quickly in our Dispute section. You will need to upload a proof of payment clearly showing ALL of the following: Your details — we need to see your name and account number, and your bank’s name Our details and our account number Date — when the transfer was initiated Amount — the amount that you sent to us Currency — the currency in which your money was sent to us Reference — the reference you added to your transfer If you're ready to make your case, please login to your account, so that we can match your information with your problem, and visit Disputes in our Help and Support section.
  • I don’t think I’m the person related to this debt. What should I do?
    If you think this is a case of mistaken identity, please visit Disputes in our Help and Support section. We’ll take care of the rest.
  • I already have an existing payment arrangement in place. What do I do?
    To enter into a new plan you will have to cancel your existing payment arrangement. This may require a budget assessment, including a detailed assessment of your income and expenditures. You will find all this available to you in our service portal after you login.
  • How do I know your emails are secure and aren’t phishing attempts?
    It’s important to be vigilant about email phishing attempts and scams. To help determine that an email from Ceverine is legitimate, always check the sender name. Use your cursor to hover over the sender’s email address to make sure that it is from “ or” Some examples of what will appear when you hover over the email address for a legitimate email from Ceverine: When you hover over the email address and see anything else, it is not from Ceverine. Examples of emails that are NOT from Ceverine: In addition, we will never ask you to provide personal or financial information over email or text message. If you are logging into your Ceverine account, we will ask you for your Ceverine account number. Your account number is included in the emails that we send you. If you have trouble locating your account number, please email us at
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