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Thank you very much for completing the budget exercise!


Please scroll down to see our quick review of your exercise as well as your budget results and options available to you.

Results shown here are based on information you provided in the previous sections of this form. If the results appear incorrect, you can go back to the previous pages to review and revise the information you provided. Please note that this is an automated calculation and is not intended to be regularly reviewed by a person. Please make sure you review our Help and Support section too. 

If you need assistance, please refer to our Budgeting Tool Guide.  


Items Completed


In Assets


In Income


In Fixed Outgoings


In Flexible Outgoings


In Debt

How you did against National Averages



Communications and Leisure Costs

Housekeeping Costs


Personal Costs




Note: If you feel that you've skipped a part, made any mistakes or if you simply would like to amend a part, please go backwards in the exercise using the relevant buttons below.  


You have £1,250 Total assets you can use now.

You have to set aside £250 for higher ranking debt.

You can use up to £1,000 to make a payment now.

Your monthly disposable income is £350 (please see Debt Advice to see if you can increase your disposable income).

You are paying £50 towards higher ranking debts.

We recommend that you also pay £50 towards other debts similar to this one.

You qualify to set up a plan and pay up to £250 per month.

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